Flushie™ Pre-Tiolet Spray

Imagine this, you're at a party with you're best friend having a great time, taking back a few drinks, having a few hors devours, and out of nowhere the urge overtakes you. You have to rush to the closest bathroom, you're terrified to find out that there is only one restroom in the entire place. The nerves and stress are building, your heart is pumping, and the fear that people will know is overwhelming. You lock the door, as you open your purse, a blinding light comes out of it, you focus in on the inside of the purse and realize that you packed a bottle of Flushie™ before you left. Harmonicas play, relief overtakes your fears, and all of a sudden, everything is alright in the world again. You spray a few spritzes in the bowl, handle your business, wash your hands, and walk out of there fearless with your head held high. You did it and it smelled real good!