Q: How does flushie work?

A: Formulated with essential oils. Once sprayed in the toilet, our powerful formula creates a layer above the toilet water that simply traps all stinky odors beneath and doesn’t let them escape. Its simply and very effective!

Q: How many times should I spray?

A: That depends on the size of the bombs that will be dropped, but the more you spray the more effective the product will be. We recommend between 4-6 full sprays into the toilet, about 5 inches away from the water.

Q: Is flushie safe for all toilets?

A: Yes, flushie can be used in any toilet and will not harm or damage any part of your plumbing. Additionally it can also be used on bus, RV, and boat toilets.

Q: Can I return and get a refund?

A: If flushie does not work for you, then we will gladly issue a refund of the product. You have 30 days to return the product and you must ship the product back to us.

Q: Should I still do a courtesy flush?

A: Even though a courtesy flush shows you have manners, in this case, you would not. If you flush before you’re done, you will flush away the barrier created by flushie, allowing the rest of any odors to come out. So, if you use flushie, no courtesy flushes.

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