3 Pack Unscented 8oz Pre-Toilet Spray

3 Pack Unscented 8oz Pre-Toilet Spray

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Sometimes you don't want it to smell like anything just happened. Sometimes you want to be extra stealthy. Flushie is the only brand to offer an unscented version and its quickly becoming the most popular version. All the strong stinky odor fighting power, without any of the scents. Ideal for those with allergies. Once you flush, a neutralizing odorless formula will be released and you'll never leave behind embarrassing bathroom odors again. Remember, it's what you do before number two.

- Each 8oz bottle good for up to 400 sprays.

- 3 bottles of Unscented 8oz Travel Sized Flushie

- Powerful all natural oil formula that traps all the stinky odors in the water. 

- It's what you do before number two!

- Made in our beautiful USA.